Run Cruises with Bjoern Grass

Nobody knows the running trails in the Caribbean better than Bjoern Grass. For over 30 years he has been on running cruises worldwide. Björn plans
and organizes the trips, and is always presents at the runs. With his reliable team he ensures that runners of all ages and abilities feel welcome and motivated to start the day with an intense training run, a refreshing jog, or an inspiring walk through some of the most beautiful places on the earth.

Eighteen years of experience has made us the No. 1 with run cruises and from the successful recipe of Bjoern Grass: Running every day on another island - the day's Port of Call. Our cruise ships are not only a means of transportation, but also comfortable hotel, restaurant, theatre, casino and more. When it's cold at home - the Caribbean awaits you with pleasant temperatures. We use our early morning run as the start into a wonderful vacation day.

Our runs are diverse and usually start right outside the ship. The beach or rainforest landscapes ensure for the run to be very scenic and beautiful. Their distances range from 5-10 kilometers (3-6 miles), which allows everyone to spend their remaining day with individual activities.

It is not necessary or expected of our guests to run intensely and competitively every morning, although we do record finishing times and the day's results are discussed at the nightly briefings, which tends to motivate our guests to try to take it to the next level. However, guests are equally welcome to run for fun without worrying about the clock, and of course, walkers and non-runners are welcome, too.
Every evening the entire group meets for a briefing to evaluate the past day, discuss results, and introduce the next island on the trip.

We would be very glad to welcome you on one of our next trips.