Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book the cruise with my own travel agent or directly online?

A: Yes

Q: Are the runs included in the cruise price?

A: No. The run package must be purchased before the cruise is booked or together with the cruise booking over us.

Q: Where does the ship leave from? When does it sail?

A: The Brilliance of the Seas sails oneway trip from Quebec/Canada to New York/USA. It sails from Sunday Oct 22/12 until Sunday Nov 2/12.

Q: Can I book my flights independently?

A: Yes. Independent flights are permitted.

Q: When does the cruise have to be paid for?

A: Deposit is required at time of booking, but the remainder must be paid on August 01/12.

Q: If I’m a slow runner, will I be left behind?

A: No. We have runners of all abilities. No one gets left behind.

Q: Do I have to do every run?

A: No. Your runs are part of a complete package, but you can choose to opt out of 1 or 2 at your own discretion.

Q: I am a single traveller. Will you find me a cabin mate?

A: No. We don’t put people together. You must find your own travel companion or pay a single supplement rate. 

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Children are welcome, but there are no childcare provisions at the running events.

Q: What is the dress code on the ship?

A: A seven day cruise generally consistsof 2 formal nights and 1 smart casual and 4 casual . Visit this link for more detailed info. 

Q: Are there laundry facilities on the ship?

A: No but they do have laundry service that you can pay for.

Q: Will there be enough to do for my non-running travel partner?

A: Yes, the ship is jam packed with plenty of activities and there are plenty of shopping opportunities close to the port areas. We try to have the runs finished as early as possible so that you can enjoy the rest of the day doing what pleases you. Again, non-running guest may accompany you to the onboard group events.

Q: How do I get from the airport to my hotel and then to the ship?

A: San Juan has a great taxi system priced by zones, so there is little chance of being “ripped off” from one cab driver to the next. The drive from the airport to the terminal or to the Condado hotel area is approximately 20 minutes depending on traffic. The ship terminal is about 10 minutes from the hotels. Taxis are usually readily available and the drivers are very knowledgeable about the different ships and terminals as Miami is a busy cruise ship port. Average cost is around $20 plus $1 per piece of luggage.